About Me

kwack… kwack… kwack

What's a kwacker?

Hello! I’m the guy behind the kwacker. My name is Dave and I am a Creative/Art Director/Designer currently working at Iron Creative Communication in San Francisco, where I began my design career a little over ten years ago. In that time I have been able to help Iron grow into a highly productive digital creative agency and had the opportunity to work with clients as diverse as The North Face, Levi’s, Dockers, TRX Training, FitBit, Goodwill, Boudin Bakery, Salesforce and Genentech. I have also enjoyed the opportunity to help several smaller local businesses with their design and marketing needs.

I enjoy thinking about and solving visual communication problems and I am constantly learning. In my approach to design I always try to think strategically about the message and remain true to the intention of the communication. I soak up inspiration from the world around me, particularly from the realms of art, design, science, nature, architecture and electronic music.



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